Managing an Efficient Travel Program With Limited Resources in 2017

June 20, 2018

Across industries, employees are being asked to do more with less. In a dynamic environment, how does your travel program run smoothly when head count is at a premium? In this article, UNIGLOBE experts address the million dollar question. Read on and get set to do more with less in 2017.

When resources are stretched and time is limited, how do you manage your travel program effectively? Begin with:

  • Leveraging the expertise and support of your travel management company and your suppliers for industry trends and best practices
  • Taking advantage of any information or resources your TMC provides (reports, account management, training, help with policy, benchmarking)
  • Designating peers across the organization to act as champions, providing communication about the program, along with feedback from users
  • Getting engagement and buy-in for the travel program across your organization to increase compliance and the success of the travel program, by communicating program improvements and cost savings and sharing traveller feedback
  • Engaging executive sponsors invested in the success of the program, facilitating program endorsements from the C-level
  • Make it easy for travellers to follow policy by communicating the why and being open to feedback

“A travel program’s success is measured by the satisfaction of both travellers and stakeholders. This is where the expertise of a proactive travel management company like UNIGLOBE Travel can make all the difference. We provide you with a suite of resources, expertise and stewardship to set your program up for success,” adds a UNIGLOBE expert.

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