Edgy Air Travel Innovations Set for Take Off

June 21, 2018

From airborne showers to saloon style flying bars, airlines are going all out to transform your travel experience. The next generation of gizmos includes innovations aimed at boosting seat density, automating in-flight service and keeping you entertained on board.

As a UNIGLOBE expert puts it, “The aviation industry is intensifying the search for in-cabin innovations to lure passengers with wider seats, and even fresh pancakes. From a business berth which can be swiveled to form a meeting area for four or a double bed to airborne showers and saloon style flying bars, airlines are going at lengths to take your inflight experience to the next level.” Check out the latest innovations.


Cyborg server

Tired of losing the beverage cart lottery? Paris-based Altran has invented a robotic waiter that takes your drink and snack order in advance and rolls it up to your row. The self-driving trolley also collects trash at the end of the flight, which leaves more time or human attendants to focus on important issues like safety.

Germ killer

Using technology that's already in action to disinfect hospitals and municipal water supplies, a sanitising device will soon zap ultraviolet light across the cabin to sanitise armrests, tray tables and even toilets. It will destroy bacteria and viruses.

Flying gourmet

If your steak's over done you can soon send it back. Airlines are making flightsafe cookers that can fry eggs, toast bread and steam rice at 30,000 feet. Don't worry about your freshly pressed suit smelling like a greasy spoon by the time you land for your meeting for the science-lab lookalike will come with a fume hood.

Space maker

Reconfigured cabins of the future could include an aisle seat that slides over the middle seat to widen the corridor during boarding. Wider middle seats positioned farther back and slightly lower than the neighbouring spots, would ensure less scope for armrest battles.

Window surfing

Airlines may soon turn their windows into pane shaped infotainment screens that you can swipe through to see flight details and order drinks. “Airlines are looking for new ways to boost on-board advertising revenue. If you want to unplug, the screens can be dimmed so you can see the clouds through tinted glass,” adds the UNIGLOBE expert.