Catch the Top 5 Trends That Will Rule Business Travel in 2017

June 20, 2018

It’s always good to stay ahead of trends. More so, if these trends are set to rule one of the most significant factors impacting your bottom line – Business Travel. In this article, our UNIGLOBE experts bring you the trend forecast for 2017. Read on and align your travel strategy with these top trends and get the most out of travel in the new year.

1. Strong Focus on Total Trip Cost

In 2017, UNIGLOBE experts predict total trip cost considerations to take precedence over segment specific costs to achieve higher efficiencies. For instance, if you save on a lower room rate but end up spending more on ground transportation, opting for the lower rate may not necessarily translate into greater savings. You can leave it to your UNIGLOBE expert to work out the option that achieves maximum savings for your business by taking a structured approach at cost evaluation.


2. Rise of the Share Economy

With an increasing number of products and services, including hotel rooms and rental cars, being presented as shareable, the sharing economy will be a popular phenomenon in 2017. It will lead to new marketplaces, new booking processes, new partnerships and new connections for smart business travelers.


3. Flat Airfares and Hotel Rates

As you budget for next year’s business travel expenses, there’s good news!  You’ve left years of sky rocketing air fares and spiking hotel rates behind. In 2017, air tickets and hotel rooms are likely to cost you the same as they did this year. The stagnation in prices across air, hotel and car rental segments is a result of disruptive forces of low-cost carriers and sharing economy services, among other factors.


4. Uptake of Risk Management Programs

With the rising frequency of global threats, risk management is set to take new meaning in 2017. Concerns over safety and security of travelling employees will drive higher adoption of risk management programs among businesses to assist them during emergencies. In case your company doesn’t have such a program in place already, call your UNIGLOBE experts now and get started without adieu.


5. Increased Travel Overseas

As businesses branch out into new global markets, overseas travel will significantly increase. If you operate an internationally-active business looking at expanding your global footprint, get in touch with your UNIGLOBE expert. Our affiliations with the widest network of leading global air, hotel and car rental partners, will get you the best returns on your travel dollars.