Car Rides Get Personal

June 21, 2018

When everything from the décor of your hotel room to your in-flight meal is being customised to your taste, why should car rides be any different?

The idea may seem somewhat far-fetched given the notoriety of car travel services that lack even in basics such as cleanliness in cabs. Not anymore, as Unisource, the revolutionary car travel services platform from UNIGLOBE, promises to make your car rides just the way you like them.

Truly Personal Car Ride

“We all have different needs on the road. By capturing key information of your preferred destinations and pastimes, Unisource supported in-car services provide you a more humanized car riding experience, making it easier to turn your time on the road into a pleasurable experience. Whether it’s requesting a driver who speaks the local language, or reading a newspaper of your choice on your way to the airport, or for that matter, even having a bottle of water at just the right temperature in your car, Unisource makes your car riding experience truly personal,” say a UNIGLOBE expert.

Enhanced security for each traveller with personalised tracking

Unisource allows you to track the real time location of each one of your employees by maintaining a live monitoring feed of the car they are travelling in. Also, the traveller has the option to share his/her location with five emergency contacts, via an SOS button in the Unisource traveller app. This adds to their sense of security as they know they’re being tracked individually and will be safe on the road at all times. As an added security measure for female travellers, their location is flagged in pink in the live monitoring feed.

Integration of your own negotiated rates in the platform

All that effort and time you spent negotiating deals and rates with your existing car vendors will not go in vain. Unisource allows you to integrate the special rates you’ve cracked with your vendors within the platform. So, your deal is still a deal.

Book for your multi-city itinerary

You have the choice to book cabs on the go either through the traveller app or the self-booking tool via the mobile optimised web portal. Unisource allows you to book in advance for your multi-city itinerary stretching over multiple days in a matter of few clicks or taps. Also, you receive the driver’s details over SMS and email at least three hours prior to your pick-up time. 

With Unisource, there’s only one way to travel – your way!