5 Ways to Put Experience First in Your Travel Policy

June 20, 2018

Many organizations see their travel policy as a tool of enforcement, ready and waiting to crack down on those big spenders who are wasting the company's money. Over recent years, we are seeing a shift that places increasing levels of emphasis on the traveller experience and being considerate and respectful of the time they are willing to spend on the road.

While true blue road warriors still exist, you may find that other employees are less keen to spend the time away from their family - especially if they're spending it in a middle seat in economy on an international flight. Here are a few areas you can consider to improve your employee’s travelling experience and keep them focused on the task at hand.

1. Allow direct flights whenever possible.

Stopovers add a considerable amount of time and hassle to a trip and those are valuable moments that your staff could be spending productively.


2. Allow advanced seat selection, even when there is a cost associated.

Permitting your travellers to pick their seat of choice shows that you want the trip to be as comfortable for them as possible. It also ensures that they won’t get bumped at the terminal if the flight happens to be oversold.


3. Allow business class on flights of considerable duration.

This will show an investment in the traveller and the work they are doing on that trip. It says that you want them to be well rested and properly fed so that they arrive in tip top shape for their meeting. Travellers enjoy the experience of receiving priority service throughout the airport and during boarding. If business class isn’t in the budget, consider allowing an upgrade to premium economy!


4. Choose centrally located (and comfortable) hotels with amenities.

After a busy day of work most people can’t wait to head home. Since your travellers won’t get to see their families, ease the pain by placing them in an area that’s easy to get to and has some options nearby for dining and activities. Look for hotels with fitness facilities so that the workout gurus on your staff don’t have to sacrifice that piece of their lives while travelling.


5. Remember that not everyone travels in their personal life. 

Everyone has had different level of exposure to travel during their younger years, and for many travelling for work could be the farthest they’ve ever been from home! When new employees are being sent into the field for the first time, make sure that they know the things that seem obvious like: how early you need to be at the airport or that you can’t bring liquids over 100MLs in your carry on.